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Ello.. Im new here.. Just signed up a minute or two ago. I wont post my real name.. I never do.. But just call me Irrylath if you wish. But I will say where I am from: A small hick-ass town in New Hampshire that no one knows about. (There's even people living in this state who've never heard of my town before) It sucks living out in the boonies & shit... But I wont start ranting about it now.

I guess anyone who adds me I will add back as well.. Well, off to browse around some more
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i too live in a small pathetic hick town...people just an hour away dont know it exists. how sad.
Same case here... x_x This town has NOTHING at all.. Except 2 gas stations.. They should put something here. *Heard a couple of years ago that an Imax theater would be placed here* I HIGHLY doubt that though..